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The Importance of Preventive Maintenance

In the Greater Toledo Area, a heating system runs over 1800 hours per year.

To put this in perspective, a car driven for over 1800 hours at 55 miles per hour would travel over 101,700 miles. Very few drivers put 101,700 miles on their car in a single year. More importantly, no one would consider driving that far without routine oil changes, lubrication, and general maintenance to assure the efficiency, safety, and reliability of the vehicle.

Your heating and cooling system serves you many more hours each year than your car and, just like your car, your system needs routine maintenance to operate efficiently, safely, and reliably. Also, a crack or hole in the heat exchanger of your furnace could allow deadly carbon monoxide gas to enter your house. Furnaces should be tested every year for signs of wear or damage and carbon monoxide leaks.
Heating and cooling systems work incredibly hard to perform their functions for your household. The constant stopping, starting and continual operation can wear down a machine quickly and unexpectedly without proper care and maintenance. However, by performing preventive maintenance to service your system regularly, you can maximize the lifecycle of your heating or cooling unit and guard against unexpected failures.

Preventive maintenance inspections performed on a regular basis can uncover and prevent small problems before they turn into bigger, more expensive ones. It is the most important measure you can take to insure the safety, reliability and uninterrupted comfort of your home.